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2024 - 2025 Chapter Officers

President: Araina Young-Daniels

1st Vice-President: Kelly DeBlanc-Dixon

2nd Vice-President: Carlecia Roberts

Recording Secretary: Dana Bodden

Assistant Recording Secretary:  Leslie Lee
Financial Secretary:  Sherry Vital

Assistant Financial Secretary: Chandra Alpough

Treasurer: Lakisha Phillips-Brown

Assistant Treasurer: Angelic Scott

Corresponding Secretary: Maiya Turner

Official Hostess:  Nadria Turner

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Agnes Scott

Chaplain:  Dr. Karen Davis

Parliamentarian: Perrel Chambers

Member-At-Large: Stephanie Young-Williams

Ivy Leaf Reporter: Dr. Edna Edwards

Membership Chairman: Donna Laverne


Standing Committee Chairmen

Executive Committee:  Araina Young-Daniels

Program Committee:  Kelly Dixon, Carlecia Roberts

Budget and Finance:  Lakisha Phillips-Brown

Bylaws & Protocol:  Perrel Chambers

Membership:  Donna Laverne

Public Relations:  Dr. Edna Edwards

Sisterly Relations:  Nadria Turner

Archives:  Sharon Kincade

Connections: LaDonna Anderson

Standards: Sharon Whitley

Technology:  Maiya Turner

Risk Management:  Agnes Scott

Rituals: Dr. Karen Davis

Communications:  Maiya Turner

Leadership: Carlecia Roberts


Program Committee Chairmen

Strengthen Our Sisterhood: Stephanie Young Williams, Shauntel Carter

 Empower Our Families: Chandra Lavergne, Crystal Williams

Build Our Economic Wealth: Leslie Lee

Enhance Our Environment: Gloria Dean DeBlanc

Advocate for Social Justice:                                       

Uplift Our Local Community: Angelica Wilkins

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